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In any given moment, we have two options, to step forward into growth or step back into safety.
Abraham Maslow

Self mastery is true power.

We believe growth comes from your center of power within and that to experience unconditional freedom, is the ultimate power.


Positive psychology considers self actualization to be the fulfillment of one’s full potential. 

It allows you to give to the world what you are capable of, without the limitations of the mind. 


Working with a personal or life coach will help you on the path of self realization and fast track your personal development journey.

When you are truly aligned to what is inspiring and important to you, then anything is possible.


A personal coach will listen to you in a way that you might not have experienced before. 


They are able to reach a deeper level and listen for meaning behind words in an objective and non judgmental manner.  They hold the space for you to express yourself in complete freedom.


Simone supports clients that want to do the work.  That want to overcome challenges or become an expert of self.  Those that believe in better. He’ll help you take control of your reality, so you can be the cause – not at the effect.  His coaching provides the opportunity to grow, change and discover yourself. 


You will be able to increase your awareness, reprogram your mind, create new behaviors and redesign your life. 


Merging methodologies and teachings from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Neuro-semantics, positive psychology, spirituality and science, with yoga, meditation and mindfulness tools, techniques and strategies, Simone provides a unique approach that allows you to reach your full potential.


During the sessions, Simone will support you, challenge you, question your thinking, awaken new insights and uncover hidden resources that give rise to new ways of being and relating – to yourself and others. 

Based, in Sydney, Simone usually works with a limited number of clients, either in person or via skype sessions. Simone believes that being outdoors, connecting with nature and having movement allows us to be more in touch with ourselves.His sessions are therefore conducted outdoors, usually at one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches or parks.


The sessions will take place either walking or sitting. Should this not be suitable,you can of course meet at a café, office or another mutually convenient location of your preference.


In between sessions, Simone is always open to being in regular contact for any questions, or the sharing of new insights.

True happiness comes from the inside.

Simone Franchi

The journey that I have taken with Simone has resonated with me, tested me and helped me develop the mindset to push through any barriers that have stopped me from believing in myself.  The changes I have gone through have allowed me to understand that ‘I Am’ and that ‘I can’ do anything. ~ Frankie

Are you ready to:

•  Experience freedom from mental conditioning

•  Eliminate destructive behaviors

•  Create empowering habits

•  Increase awareness of your thinking

•  Find truth, alignment and purpose

•  Embrace your authenticity

•  Break through limitations of the mind?

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