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Every single person in your organisation should feel empowered and challenged to do the best work of their lives.


Your goals as an employer is to enable the greatness in each team member. Further, in today’s modern business world, team cohesiveness, effectiveness and ‘psychological safety’ is paramount. 

Our programs will enable your team members to shine, connecting them with real purpose and meaning through their work. 'Life in the Workplace' is an innovative program for team development which will help your team unlock their true potential and build a culture of high performance.


Simone will focus on growing and developing individuals and teams to set audacious professional and personal goals.  He facilitates practical working sessions to strengthen working relationships. build empathy, understand communication and working styles, and show how conflict can be resolved in a healthy way. 


Whilst all sessions are tailored, our coaching and workshop trainings include a focus on personal growth and the development of emotional intelligence in your organisation.


Dependant on your specific organisation’s challenges, outcomes and needs, the programs encompass topics such as critical thinking skills, life purpose and mission, self esteem, confidence and efficacy.  This approach builds resilience and self awareness, cultivating a growth mindset helping people to see change, and push new frontiers to achieve success.

Life in the workplace.

Our feature program helps to build roadmaps and plans to see your teams achieve their personal and professional goals, whilst supporting the business objectives through effective leadership, culture and communication. 


It’s all about empowering individuals in teams, aligning them to the purpose of your organisation and improving communication, which results in increased motivation and engagement. 


Whether it’s for group coaching, personal or team coaching, our aim is to help you to enhance team effectiveness, and give your people the freedom to grow, so you can grow your business. 

Experience the change:

  • Improve communication

  • Create a hub of empowered individuals

  • Develop emotional intelligence & resilience

  • Build individual’s self esteem & confidence

  • Increase productivity

  • Create a culture of engagement

  • Nurture workplace wellness

Simone is able to immediately connect with all types of people engage an audience and quickly understand where individuals are at.  He has worked on our programs over the last 7 years that involve coaching people on a creative journey, moving them from being highly uncomfortable with what’s happening to ending up being blown away with what they have achieved.  Simone is a real master at this ~ Simon Banks - Innovation expert
The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
Phil Jackson

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