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Developmental coaching and mentoring for teenagers.

As a teen, Simone was fortunate enough to meet a mentor whom he formed a unique friendship and mentor relationship with - that set him on an inspired path of growth and discovery. 


From his own experience, he knows the power of providing support to teens, particularly with the amount of pressures of growing up, peer pressure, and all the life changes that teens are experiencing.


This time in a teens’ life is when they’re shaping their sense of self and way of being in the world. 


As a parent, educator or guardian, you might experience difficulties in relating with the changing behaviours of your child, or it may be becoming increasingly more challenging communicating and relating to your teen. 


Or maybe you’re simply looking for an external and objective positive figure that can help in developing your teenager’s potential.


Mentoring and personal coaching for teenagers can help with their development.  Simone can support them to build the fundamental internal tools to become fully actualised human beings, capable of managing their emotions, developing unconditional self esteem, and inspiring them to follow their passions and make the most of the opportunities life has to offer. 


Simone’s coaching and mentoring program for teens offers a positive one-on-one relationship of support, trust and guidance, resulting in a new way of being for the young adult.

We contacted Simone when our son was struggling to feel motivated and focused in the run up to his HSC.  They met weekly and Simone mentored him through some difficult teenage moments.  Simone provided the space that allowed him to open up in a safe, confidential manner. 
We are very grateful to Simone, our son is more mentally prepared and confident in his own ability, self worth and instilled with a belief that he can do anything he wants.  I could not recommend Simone more highly.~ CS.

Coaching can help teens with:

  • Understanding their stage of development

  • Improving their communication skills

  • Increasing self awareness

  • Becoming more productive

  • Developing their passions

  • Feeling supported

  • Learning to build meaningful relationships

  • Trusting, respecting and valuing themselves

  • Embracing who they are

  • Develop emotional intelligence & resilience

How our sessions work.

Simone believes that being outdoors, connecting with nature, having movement and reducing opportunity for distractions allows us to be more in touch with ourselves.


Sessions are therefore conducted outdoors, usually at one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches or parks.  The sessions will take place while either walking or sitting.  Should this not be suitable, we can of course, meet at a café, office or another mutually convenient location of your preference. 


In between sessions, the program includes any necessary mobile phone support, text messages or email exchanges. Simone is always open to be in regular contact with the client for any questions, sharing of new insights or anything that the client might want to need.

In my late teens, I met my mentor that came to live in my small Tuscan town. 
Something attracted me to learn more about him. 
Over the years we spent together, he influenced my way of thinking and communicating, expanded my awareness, taught me about understanding my own nature, and introduced me to meditation and yoga.  The difference this made to my life, direction and mindset has been instrumental in my journey.
I would never have expected the positive impact that he had on me and my evolution.
This experience was life changing and now inspires me offering mentoring to other teens today.
~ Simone Franchi
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