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Updated: Jan 31, 2020

What is Fear?

Everyone in the world fears something.

Fear of not being loved, to not have or being enough, concern about health, environment, failure, separation and countless others.

Fears are all different, and each one of us has their own unique ones.

Analyzing and trying to remove each one, it's impossible. As you conquer or release one, another one will eventually rise.

Fear is a powerful emotion that creates unwanted behaviors and attitudes, limiting one experience and peace of mind.

Fear is a lack of trust. It can take one person away from the present and enjoy life, by creating a state that is unhealthy and detrimental.

There are two types of fear:

Conscious fears and Unconscious fears.

Conscious fears: can be observed and at certain degree be aware of them. Even if one person is not able to release it or overcome it, there is a sense of awareness that is happening and why.

Conscious fears are learned with our experience and reflect the external environment.

There is also fear of direct danger helps us be careful in certain situations. Like if you are in front of a deadly snake, fear is necessary.

Unconscious fears: They are rooter deeper in our conscious and most often passed by our close people or learned at the early stage of life.

They are handed down by culture, religious beliefs, family, school etc.

Psychological fear that intoxicates peoples' mind is the destruction of many lives, the environment and is one of the pillars of our society.

So how can be one be unconditionally free from fear?

To release fear and be unconditionally free, one has to work on the whole concept of fear. One has to observe the whole movement of fear.

Observe aspects like:

When it arises.

In what situations.

What pattern it follows.

What attitude creates.

What is the narrative in your mind.

What images or scenes can you see.

If fear is about you or others.

What feelings you can associate with it

How you react to people and situations.

Even if you can Analyze and logically approach the movement of fear, the only way that fear can be eradicated once for all in all its forms is to OBSERVE.

Once fear is understood in its nature, one person will be able to perceive it like a weed that comes out on a well-kept garden. When it comes out, you can pull it easy and won't take over your mental garden.

Without fears, you will also be able to plant seeds that you can make germinate, without having your garden taken over, making it overwhelming to keep healthy.

So how does one observes fear?

To observe fear in its movements require a significant amount of energy and courage.

The energy to be ultimate with it, without judgement, without opinion, without fear :)

To be in the movement with all of its characteristics, on a mental and physical level. Be aware of the breath; recognize where you are in it and where it is projected.

Observe the movement of your breath; is it fast and high? Or slow and deep?

Do you feel more oxygen and so adrenaline running through your body?

A cold sensation or a hot sensation?

Stay present, anchored, detached.

Don't analyze, escape or rationalize.

Just be there with it.

Fear can only exist because of you.

You are your fear.

Don't try to sop or do anything. Be entirely with it. Observe, feel.

When you are completely still in the mid of the storm, something incredible can happen to you.

This awareness can eradicate and release all fears for good.

If you don't escape, reject, judge or do anything else, what happens then?

All of the dissipation of vital force taken by the thoughts and negative emotions, will be transformed.

There is no need for therapy or do anything about it but observe.

You are the observer and the observed. The thinker and the thought.

These cannot be separated so you cannot separate from fear.

Like the clouds cannot be separated from the sky, but they arise, take form, change and dissipate, also emotionally charged thoughts in the form of fear do the same.

If you remain the sky and hold the space for the clouds to rise and dissipate you are free.

The sky does nothing to stop or change the clouds. The sky is.

Are you able to be like the sky and hold the space? Allow what arises to be and pass remaining still?

If you are interested in exploring more in detail how to release fear, deepening this simple technique, send me a message for a discovery free session and experience the power of self-awareness.

Thank you for reading.

I am Simone, certified life coach, trained meta coach and nlp master practitioner.

I am dedicated to my own personal development and helping others to live free from their mental conditioning and fulfill their full potential and share their uniqueness with the world.

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