Social conditioning in a Tuscan chickpea soup

Is it the idea of shortage that drives men to purchase and emotionally buy goods that they don't need?

Its a rainy autumn day and I am in the mood for a hearty and nourishing Tuscan chickpea and potato soup.

As I make my stock with celery, onions and carrot, the only ingredients that I need are chickpeas.

As I don't have time to soak dry chickpeas, I aim for canned ones.

As I arrive at the local supermarket, I find the canned legumes and tomato sauces shelves empty!

I think: Right, I thought toilet paper was in high demands, but canned food is the second aim!

As I walk in the supermarket, I see some people with overloaded trolleys. My first thought is that people like this being fearful, selfish, disrespectful are emptying the shelves. But then I also think that for some people, it is a regular weekly shopping and the current world situation facilitates corrupted thinking and attitude towards one another.

The second wave of thought comes to mind is about to maybe stocking up myself, so in case there is seclusion, I will have food.

I become mindful of these patterns of thoughts and become aware of being socially conditioned and subject to collective consciousness (or unconsciousness) about the current global situation.

It comes to mind how marketing strategies of lack of time and availability work with human thinking and behaviour in regards to shopping.

With this current situation, the developing of lack of availability and time resulta on this type of behaviour that is detrimental to you and society.

Out of this experience, I have four ways of remaining sane and contribute not to make the situation worst than what it is by impulsive behaviour:

1. Don't allow the media to condition your thinking

2. Remain calm and conscious

3. Purchase what you need so that there is also for others

4. Look after yourself

1. Is good to listen, watch and be informed about what is happening so that you are aware of the current situation. But also don't get conditioned by all that is said and check the sources of the information.

2. Maintain the calm and conscience. Don't start fearing the worst-case scenario, beginning to create more anxiety and fear that what is happening already. If more people would maintain the calm, the situation would also be.

3. If you and everyone else, would shop normal, we wouldn't experience a lack of produces and products and even riots and futile fights. It will also increase more positive thinking and less judgment.

4. Make sure you take the necessary steps to stay clean, safe and strong. Wash your hands, take vitamins, eat good food and follow the procedure suggested. A little effort from everybody will make a huge difference.

During these times, I am happy to have had developed the qualities that I once learned from Siddhartha.

To think, to wait, to fast.

In the worst-case scenario, these skills will be beneficial.

If you want to learn more about how to develop these three skills, send me a message and let's have a chat.

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