If you do as you always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

Tony Robbins

For me, the coaching with Simone was a life changing experience and a really exciting and amazing journey that turned my life in the right direction. ~ Angy E.

Simone Franchi personal transformation coach

Simone is a Personal Transformation Life Coach, Team Building Facilitator, Consultant and Keynote Speaker.  He is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, trained Meta-Coach and Integral Semantics Facilitator and Executive Coach. 


With an intrigued passion for the human mind, thinking and reality, Simone is devoted to his own personal development and driven to help people find unconditional inner freedom where he believes ultimate peace and power resides.  His inspiration and purpose is to actualize potential – both in himself and others.


With research and studies from the fields of both science and spirituality incorporated into his work, Simone is the true embodiment of authenticity, self acceptance, non judgment, self love, inspiration and truth.


He lives and breathes his work - and as a result offers clients an environment that is objective and supportive.  This in depth experience and dedication positions Simone with the unique ability to help others at the deepest level who are serious about making lasting changes.

60 seconds with Simone

  • I was born in Italy and grew up in a small town called Barga in Tuscany and migrated to Australia in 2004.

  • As a teenager I befriended a spiritual mentor who introduced me to the world of meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies - it was this foundation that set me on long quest to discover, explore, uncover, overcome and experience the full 360 degrees of life

  • In his mid twenties, Simone worked as an educator with groups of teens in summer holidays camps.He used to look after them, take them hiking in the Tuscan mountains and assisted in sports, recreational activities and excursions

  • I have been practicing my own yoga routine for over 15 years, sharing it with friends and anyone else who was interested.

  • I play multiple musical instruments, am a songwriter, music producer and a session musician.

  • I have dj’d and played in many venues, festivals and private parties over the last decade.

  • With a love of pizza, I turned my passion into a profession - 10 years ago starting a hospitality business with my brother, and then later opening the Italian Bar in Sydney.

  • I make speaking and TV appearances and host corporate events.

  • I live on the northern beaches with my wife and our 3 children.


Simone will take you on a journey of self discovery.

You will explore through the full 360 Degrees Life of how to unlock your potential

and find freedom within.

For me, the coaching with Simone was a life changing experience and a really exciting and amazing journey that turned my life in the right direction. ~ Angy E.

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