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Simone is a Personal Transformation & Executive Coach, Team Building Facilitator, Consultant and Keynote Speaker.  He is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, trained Meta-Coach and Integral Semantics Facilitator and certified Life Coach. 


With an intrigued passion for the human mind, thinking and reality, Simone is devoted to his own personal development and driven to help people find unconditional inner freedom where he believes ultimate peace and power resides.  His inspiration and purpose is to actualize potential – both in himself and others.


With research and studies from the fields of both science and spirituality incorporated into his work, Simone is the true embodiment of authenticity, self acceptance, non judgment, self love, inspiration and truth.

Pizza & philosophy nights.

Every 1st Tuesday of every month in the "private" room
of the Italian Bar.
Come for an evening of pizza degustation and philosophy.
Nourish your senses with  flavors of Italy over an intimate night of unlimited pizza, a glass of wine and philosophy chats.
Hosted by Simone Franchi, enjoy a night of good food and meeting like minded people while inquiring and discussing topics about the nature of knowledge, reality, existence and all things spirit, science and beyond.
Event spaces limited to 10 people.
We enjoyed a wonderful workshop today with Simone Franchi about recognizing and evolving the patterns of your behavior that are limited by old beliefs and experiences. It was interesting and inspiring. Well done and thank you! Please do it again! ~ Joeline H.

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