What is Life Coaching?

In the modern digital era, you can learn pretty much anything you like.

There are thousands of online courses, from free webinars to full certification.

Education, personal and professional development have never been more accessible.

You can do it at your own pace, or you can get trained and coaching for it.

There are many types of coaching that you can engage in based on what your needs are.

A life coach or personal coach, career coach, business coach, executive coach, health coach, speech coach, confidence coach, sleep coach, relationship coach, dating coach, and many others that you can think of.

I refer myself as a life coach, and to help you understand what I do and who I am, I have formulated for you three questions below to understand better what does a life coach does.

1. What is Life coaching, and why do I refer myself as I life coach?

2. What can life coaching do for you?

3. Why should you engage in a life coach? And why should you not?

Life coaching can seem quite broad and general.

You can be coached in a particular aspect of your life and improve it, develop it, and grow it.

As a coach, I have a few certifications and many hours of online and in-class training.

I regularly work on myself, and I received coaching and mentoring from the top of the industry coaches and trainers.

I decided to call myself a life coach because I believe that each aspect of life is related to each other, and the important is to find a balance between 4 significant areas of our life.

Once one finds the balance, can have a bird view of these four major areas, and understand where and why some are out of balance, then one will have the ability to improve what is needed.

Like it is in our brain, what wire together fires together, so bringing back the balance in what is out, will have a ripple effect in all the other areas and allow the person to expand awareness, to be more empowered and connected.

Working with many clients seems that the problem that ones come to see me for is never what is the real underlay.

Once one becomes aware, then it can release with ease what is holding him/her back.

Answering my questions:

1. Life coaching is a process that enables a person to become aware and grow personally and professionally.

Differing from counseling or psychotherapy, personal and professional coaching focuses on the future and help people to create a roadmap to achieve their goals and desires.

2. Life coaching can help you overcome obstacles, perceive your situation from a different perspective, and allow you to find your answers and solutions.

3. You should hire a life coach if you feel stuck but know that you can give more.

You should hire a life coach if you want to fasten your development.

You should hire a life coach if you want to be accountable for your personal and professional growth.

You should NOT hire a life coach if you think that you can do all on your own and that you know it all.

A specialized coach will help you move faster towards what you want, making you save time and money.

If you want to experience the transformative experience of a coaching session, contact Simone here.

I am Simone Franchi, a certified life coach specialist and personal development mentor dedicated to help humanity to be free from mental conditioning and to expand the collective consciousness, one individual at the time.

Contact Simone Now for a free chat about how he can help fasten your personal and professional development.

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